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Recorded Workshops


Tracking the Impacts of Structured On-the-Job Training 

Recorded Feb.3, 2023

Occupational Standards, Apprenticeships and Training

Recorded Dec. 6, 2022


Learn how the SITUATE platform can benefit your organization!

Recorded September 23, 2022

Intro to SiTUATE (French)

Recorded July 5, 2022

Structured On-the-Job Training and Calculating Its Financial Impacts

Recorded May 27, 2022

This two-hour workshop discusses the differences between traditional OJT and S-OJT and shows how to calculate the financial benefits of S-OJT.  This information has become increasingly important in organizations today. 

Workshop on S-OJT and calculating its financial benefits - YouTube

Apprenticeship Programs and SiTUATE 

Recorded April 15, 2022

This two-hour session shows how SiTUATE can be used to plan, deliver, and manage both the OJT and RTI portion of apprenticeship programs.  Most apprenticeships are based on a set of guidelines which define the occupation.  SiTUATE provides templates for conducting a job and task analysis derived from the guideline, preparing the training guides for the structured on-the-job training to be used by the employer, and a performance check for mentors to evaluate whether the apprentice has actually learned to perform the task.  An Apprentice Tracker features a cross-walk showing the tasks and the components of the guideline, and a learning roadmap for the apprentice.  

Watch the recording

S-OJT Train the Trainer

Recorded March 18, 2022

This two-hour awareness session introduces how to prepare experienced employees as S-OJT trainers.  The success of work-based learning program depend on the effectiveness of trainers.  Yet, most traditional train-the-trainer programs focus on the delivery of training in a classroom, not the actual work setting, which calls for a different set of skills.  

Watch the recording

Work Analysis: Documenting What People Do in the Workplace 

Recorded February 18, 2022

This two-hour awareness session introduced work analysis, focusing specifically on analyzing occupations, jobs, and tasks.  Discussion also briefly focused on analyzing the competencies of individuals.  Work analysis is critical for designing apprenticeship programs and employee training programs, regardless of the training approach used.  Yet, the most effective skills-based training involves structured on-the-job training (S-OJT).  

Watch the recording

SiTUATE: The Only Software Solution for Structured On-the-Job Training
Recorded January 27, 2022

Watch the recording

Other Recent Appearances

SiTUATE Next 멤버십은 최소한의 재정적 약정을 필요로 합니다. 멤버십은 추후에 최종 구매를 강제하지 않습니다. SiTUATE Next 는 조기에 파트너가 되어 훈련 과정에서 사용 중 모범 사례를 공유하고 플랫폼을 더욱 발전 시킬 수 있는 요소를 함께 판단하는 것을 의미합니다.

자세한 내용은 Ronald Jacobs 박사 ( 에게   문의하십시오 (한국어 이메일: SiTUATE Next 의 회원이 되기 위한 진지한 결정 부탁드립니다 .

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